My art is my diary, an expression of an ongoing inner journey ...

… but I hope also a part of a wider connection. When it triggers someone else’s truth as well, and helps them on their own path - that's when the Sun comes. No, you’re not the only crazy one, the only irrationally eager one, the only frightened one. Welcome to the jungle, you’re not alone. 

I try to express it all - the good the bad the ugly and the crazy. I have hated it, loved it, got suffocated by it, but ultimately realised it’s all a part of my story and I try to accept it now... mostly.

I started dabbling in art at 17 and wanted to be a photographer back then. In the meantime life has taken me to the City and investment banking. I draw inspiration from it all. Today art allows me to keep in touch with more subtle and restless aspects of my being.

​I’ve shown my work in Belgrade, London, New York and Stockholm. I've also recently had the privilege of designing a cover for Shrouded Truth, an amazing book written by Reena Kumarasingham.